Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shoe and Bag Person (GT 11-25-10)

For quite sometime I haven't really been to a department store to purchase stuff for me. Primary reason is that I just gave birth some few months ago and is definitely trying hard to shed excess pounds. Therefore, I'm still in control in terms of buying clothes and jeans for me.

One thing though I cannot resist are bags and shoes! My husban
d would often joke around telling me he'd put on me an eye patch, just like the ones we see on horses, so that my vision whenever we pass through that section is always straight to where we are going.

The shoes and bags I use nowadays aren't so much too girly...since I'm
with a non-government organization that doesn't really require for us to dress up for work, I'm more on the casual to sporty kind of an outfit, which I must admit is a little expensive as compared to the more common pumps and handbags used in the office. I'm more into the sneakers, rubbershoes and/or flip flops in terms of footwear. With bags, although I get to use some of my "mommy" bags (big bags that fits all), you can also find me in backpacks and slingbags.
I was an impulse buyer when I was still single but when family life came into me, priority went to children and household stuff. I'm more of a practical buyer now and definitely saving up for something I would want to buy for me - shoes and bags is where I indulge in.


  1. like a horse eh? haha! oh well, most girls are like that. we cannot resist the temptation of shopping!

  2. same here--I'm more into sneakers and flip flops and love sporty bags.