Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sbarro...The Best Place to Eat Out (Girl's Talk 12-2-10)

Here in Manila, it's quite difficult to find a good restaurant that serves authentic dishes. Most serves specialty dishes with a twist adding the Filipino style in whatever they serve. And if you get into a restaurant that really serves authentic food, most probably it's quite expensive.

My husband and I are pasta and pizza lovers. We've been to a few restaurants that serves authentic Italian dishes but can't frequent the place because they're too pricey.

Sbarro has been our favorite since we started going out together. At Sbarro's you get the authentic Italian taste of pasta and pizza with price reasonable on the pocket. There's a number of dishes to choose from, be it pasta or pizza. They even serve fresh veggie salad and fresh fruits as well as pastries. What's good with Sbarro, they don't skimp on their recipe despite the inflation in the economy, and I can say, through the years, their taste didn't change.

Aside from its authentic taste, the serving is proportion to the price. You can also request for a half serving of the pasta dishes, of course with price commensurate t
o the serving portion.

I'm more of a pasta lover but when we started frequenting Sbarro, I've began to
love pizza as well, the big slice they serve is just enough for me...although I can consume a slice of the Chicago deep dish, I settle for the white pizza or the cheese pizza to maintain the weight that I have right now, although every now and then, I allow myself to indulge in these deliciously baked pizza. Even our dear Leon loves it at Sbarro's but he's more into the fresh veggie salad and just asks from me or his Dad for some pasta or pizza that we've ordered for ourselves. I love the Chicken Romano in spaghetti sauce while my husband M loves the Eggplant Parmigiana. On pizza, we both like, as mentioned the Chicago Deep Dish, I also love the White Pizza. Whatever we eat, we match with their tangy Lemonade drink.

hmmm...this blog just gave me the drool for Sbarro...


  1. i really love Sbarro pizza. it's just an escalator ride from my work, lol!

  2. i have only been to sbarro once, on a company meeting, but the pizzas are truly a love!!!