Friday, August 27, 2010

GT: Watching with the Enemy

This week's topic placed a smile on my face...can't imagine myself watching a movie with an enemy...

Anyways, here's my idea...the movie will be Night of The Living Dead...literally, I'm with a Living Dead :D...don't take me wrong, I can be one's best friend but once betrayed, I can also be the best enemy...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Sweat

I had the sweetest most wanted sweat in my recent life last night!!!

...oopps...not that kinda sweat ladies...

For the first time in almost two years, I was able to play badminton last night. Together with my office friends and my husband, we had a 1-hour and a half game. It was supposedly a 2-hour game, but we came in late. I enjoyed every game I played, be it a serious game or just for fun.

I had fun too playing with our son Leon, who tagged along because he too wanted to play, batoton as he calls it. It was my pleasure of teaching him the basics, though, he's still too young to master the game but again it's a good start.

After a c-section of giving birth to Maia four months ago, last night's game was a good indication that I can go back to serious playing as well as start a more strenuous exercise to keep me fit...and fab (eventually, still have those bulges to shed). A good indication also that I can join Haribon Foundation's Million Hectare Challenge in November.

Yeehaw! looking forward to the next game.

GT: Reel time with siblings be honest, I really haven't watched a movie with my siblings for the longest time now. Me and my sister are opposite and with our different characters, as we grow up, we often collide :(, that's basically the reason why we haven't had time together (since I can't remember when).

Though I must say, when we were a little younger, we saw these movies together, not in the big screen though as we were not allowed to enter cinemas during those times. We rented betamax tapes (ahaha...circa 1980's) to watch these at home --- BAGETS!!!

I can remember we had our own crushes, mine was JC Bonnin while hers was, i guess, Aga Mulach...and hated their partners because we wished it was us playing the part...hahaha

...missing those good times though.

Hey gals, haven't seen these movies, grab a copy at the local video shop and watch it with your siblings as well.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

GT: Reel Life with Hubby

For this week's topic, the movies that I watched with my hubby and will still want to watch with him are Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and The Village. These are stories based on novels we have read. These novels had stirred our minds thus when translated into movies, we wanted to see if it was made exactly as written.

The first two mentioned though were highly criticized by the Catholic church thus we were aware of some story lines which were not really omitted but weren't emphasized. So far, the movies went well.

...well yes, we are into suspense as well :)

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Mommy Moments: Lights...Camera...Pose

I'm camera shy, I'm not photogenic, that's the reason why.
But my children are my opposite,
got this from their dad who always poses a great smile
in whatever photo he has :)

Here they are, the joys of my life...Me and my husband M at Gerry's Grill in MOA, was a few months heavy with Leon

Leon Yoseph (Leon)

Mita Ysabel (Maia)

Check out other mommies' pride...

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

GT: Reel Time with Friends

...August's theme will be a little bit difficult for me coz I'm not a movie-goer...

Let me see...I haven't entered a movie house for 4 years already (yes, straight) since I gave birth to our eldest child...but as far as I can remember, the movie I watched with my whole bunch of friends are
Harry Potter,
X-Men and Star Wars (the series) --- haha, yeah, we're into it. It has been like a tradition to us to watch these movies together. We meet for dinner then off to see the movie or the other way around. It's also the time when we are able to catch up with each other. The latest move though, my husband and I wasn't able to join because we can't stand the idea of leaving our son (Maia hasn't arrived yet) at home with the nanny while we are having fun.

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