Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shoe and Bag Person (GT 11-25-10)

For quite sometime I haven't really been to a department store to purchase stuff for me. Primary reason is that I just gave birth some few months ago and is definitely trying hard to shed excess pounds. Therefore, I'm still in control in terms of buying clothes and jeans for me.

One thing though I cannot resist are bags and shoes! My husban
d would often joke around telling me he'd put on me an eye patch, just like the ones we see on horses, so that my vision whenever we pass through that section is always straight to where we are going.

The shoes and bags I use nowadays aren't so much too girly...since I'm
with a non-government organization that doesn't really require for us to dress up for work, I'm more on the casual to sporty kind of an outfit, which I must admit is a little expensive as compared to the more common pumps and handbags used in the office. I'm more into the sneakers, rubbershoes and/or flip flops in terms of footwear. With bags, although I get to use some of my "mommy" bags (big bags that fits all), you can also find me in backpacks and slingbags.
I was an impulse buyer when I was still single but when family life came into me, priority went to children and household stuff. I'm more of a practical buyer now and definitely saving up for something I would want to buy for me - shoes and bags is where I indulge in.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Home Stuff (GT 11-18-10)

I love doing household chores. I'm fond of decorating and re-arranging the house. So whenever we go strolling in malls, I can normally be found in the home section area.

I'm into linens, curtains and drapes. Even when I was still single, this is where I linger too long. Whenever I get the chance and extra cash to go shopping for the house, I'd buy a pair of curtains for the living room. Together with this, I'd find a few matching throw pillow cases. Same principle goes with our bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, curtains, linens and bedding that are color coordinated. I'm for earth tones for easy mix and matching.

And since it's the yuletide season, I'm looking into buying curtains for the season's theme as well as do some minor repairs on the cushion cover of our sala set to somehow blend in with the season.

With all this in mind, I can't help but to get excited on having our own house for me to play my tricks on home decorating.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Health and Beauty Section (GT 11-11-10)

ooppss...running late here but I hope this post will still find its way to Girl's Talk: Shopping at the Health and Beauty Section.

These are the items we usually toss in the basket not regularly though, only during times of replenishment.

For Me: Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing foam works well
on my face, Skin White Deodorant, Clear Shampoo and Conditioner or L'Oreal Total Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, these I use alternately and which I share with M and the Olay Age defying bar soap.For M: Green Cross Soap, Degree deodorant and disposable razors

For Leon: Tender Care Soap, Tender Care Powder which
sometimes Maia uses as well, Johnson's Baby Shampoo

For Maia: Lactacyd Baby Bath For the whole family: Alcohol, insect repellant, lotion, cotton buds and toothpaste Items such as moisturizers, toners, and feminine wash are of particular brands and can only be purchased via direct selling thus are not part of the shopping list. While the lotion that I use are more of gifts from abroad, thus not part of the shopping budget as well.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Glimpse of the Future (Couple's Corner 11-3-10)

Before bumping into my husband M, I've been the happy-go-lucky girl who wasn't really serious about getting into a serious relationship.

Both of us were new in the organization we were working in and are assigned to different departments, he came in a month earlier than I did. I'm with the research group while he's with marketing. Little did we know that the acquaintance will lead to a serious and lasting relationship.

We dated only once, the next date we became steady and rest is history...

Our glimpse of the raise a family with two kids, regardless of we get a boy and a girl, which is so ideal or both boys/girls. To live in a house built from our sweat. Give our children good education and a good life. A good life meaning a better lifestyle than we, their parents had, yet instilling to them best practices learned and good values to grow with as a person. Raise our children with deep faith in the Lord and maintaining their feet on the ground.

Quite a glimpse I know, but with me and M working hand in hand in achieving it, we know we will succeed...though we've also made ourselves ready with some bumps ahead towards achieving our goals in life.

Crossing our fingers here...

Rodliz’s Nest

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shopping for Grocery Items (Girls Talk 11-4-1)

Shopping is this month's theme at Girls Talk, sounds really fun!

Time for us to share what's in our shopping list...and here's mine.

Doing the grocery is one of our bonding moments as a family. M< Leon and even Maia joins me in doing this chore. M and I shares in the grocery expenses. I'm on it on the 1st quincena while M's share is on the 2nd quincena or during month end. Since we do it regularly twice a month, all that gets into the cart lasts till the next grocery schedule. We go around the supermarket with two carts, one big and one small. The big one is for food stuff - meat products, dairy, canned good etc and is managed by M while in the small one goes the non-food merchandise, this one, Leon enjoys pushing around while mimicking his dad. So what goes into the cart? In the big cart goes meat and poultry products. Though a little bit expensive as compared to buying in the market, we are sure that what we buy are free from some disease-causing microbes. In it also goes in milk, cereals and cookies all of which are for the two little ones. You can also find coffee, creamer, sugar, condiments, bread, dairy products, pasta noodles, as well as pasta ingredients which is either in tuna-mushroom sauce or pasta in tuna and olive oil. Lately, M has been preparing carbonara since it's becoming Leon's favorite. Veggies especially the salad ingredients goes into it as well. Canned goods such as sardines, tuna, corned beef, meat loaf are also a regular on the grocery list but are bought alternately. Oats, powdered juices and sandwich spreads can also be found in the big cart. Fish products are bought in the market and M's on it every Tuesday after work ;)

An assortment of toiletries such as shampoos (for me, Leon and the 2 house helps), conditioner, TenderCare soap for Leon and Lactacyd Toddler bubble bath for Maia. Body powder for the kids, daipers also for both kids, though Leon is starting to try not to consume his because he's big already as he says...(he still can't control his pee during the evening sleep but can during the daytime siesta). Dishwashing soap both liquid and paste, detergent soap both in bar and in powder, fabric conditioner, mosquito coil, multi-insect spray, candles and matches. Toothpaste, facial wash, deodorants, cotton balls and buds,
alcohol, sanitary napkins and liners --- all of these goes into the small cart.

No pictures though of us doing our that's it, now you know what's in our cart...I might have missed out on a few stuff but basically that's about yours?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Time-Favorite Book (GT: October 28, 2010)

Can't say much of this well-read book by Dan Brown which also was made into a movie, nonetheless, the book is still better than the movie - Angels and Demons.

Angels and Demons talks about a centuries-old underground organization, the Illuminati that aims to destroy the Catholic Church through the fall of the Vatican City using the newly discovered power of the antimatter. The story takes the reader into an adventure that seems to be so real. The thrill and suspense lies on the plot of the story that takes place in great Vatican City, in which the hero and heroin must stop the destruction all in a days time.

One thing that interest me is the use of literary elements such as symbols and ambigrams throughout the story, bringing out the depth of the characters involved.

Reading the book also brings me across the famous religious seat of the Catholic faith. The vivid description of the architectural designs of not just the city but of the churches and structures as well, takes me in a tour to the Vatican - making me more interested of being able to visit the place one day.