Saturday, March 19, 2011

GT: Wind Beneath My Wings

It was in 1982 that the song Wind Beneath My Wings was heard in the radio and I guess my grandfather fell in love with the song in an instant. He bought a cassette tape of Bette Midler, he liked her rendition of the song best.

Since then, it played hours and hours, day by day. Me and my siblings ended up disliking the song :(. Until I grew up and matured a little bit, I came across the lyrics of the song and understood why my grandfather loved the song so much. He dedicated the song to my grandmother.

My grandfather was a soldier, a businessman, a philanthropist and was a bit into politics as well. In all of his works, my grandmother was always there to support him.

The lyrics of the song,

You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind.

...So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength.
A beautiful face without a name for so long.
A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you're my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I've got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you. definitely fit for my grandmother's qualities as a wife, a mother, a homemaker and a friend. All of us looked up to her for her good words of advice, a positive outlook in life and for her expressions of faith.

Since the time I came to realize the meaning of the song, I came to like it as well and dedicate the same to my grandmother and grandfather too.

Both of them have passed away already and every time I get to hear this song, my tear ducts definitely swell until tears flow from my eyes.

To my maternal grandparents, Col. Sabiralam Bin A. Maut, Al-Hajj (1915-2003) and Emerita Quijano-Maut (1915-2005) this song will always remind me of both of you and the good life I had with you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

GT: Love Song(s)

Yey, I'm back! Been too busy with work, blah, blah, blah.

Just visited BeautyQueen Kaye's site for Girl's Talk to check out this month's topic and alas, here I am writing my share for this!

I've got 3 favorite love songs, as in my top 3. Listening to them over and over makes me feel like a teenybopper, hopeless romantic like its my first time to fall in love. Hearts all over!

So here it goes...

Top 3 would be Stephen Bishop's It Might Be You

First stanza goes:
Time, I've been passing time watching trains go by
All of my life
Lying on the sand watching seabirds fly
Wishing there could be, someone
Waiting home for me...

Top 2 is: Regine Velasquez' rendition of Ikaw

Whenever I hear this song, especially on weddings, it makes my heart melt and my eyes in I grab M's hands and squeeze it throughout the song. And, yes, this was sung during our wedding.

and last but not the Top 1 is...tada...Shania Twain's From this Moment On

I like the song since it came out, Shania Twain became a favorite since then.

When we were planning for our wedding, M and I were searching for songs to be played during our wedding both church and reception. This song was amongst the short-listed. Upon listening to it, M fell in love with the song as well. We never had a theme song during our courtship and dating days, until the day of our wedding. Since we both were managing our wedding then, I took charge of the songs, he allowed me to, he gave me the more cheesy portions of the wedding. Therefore, although he knew the songs to be used during the whole wedding, he never knew when it will be played, until (again) during the wedding march. From this Moment On played when it was my time to walk the aisle. I felt it was very appropriate for the occasion. "From this moment, life has begun. From this moment, you are the one. Right beside you is where I belong, From this moment on...

Oh, Kaye, thanks for this opportunity! My wedding day came back as if I was going through it all over again, plus, this month celebrates our anniversary as well, very timing huh!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerw Year's Resolution on Love Life (GT#2)

OMG! I thought I've posted this already! lol!

I'm here for Girl's Talk topic this week: New Year's Resolution on Love Life.

For 2011, I resolve to give my hubby more time and attention. I had quite a difficulty in juggling my time between our children, my work, o
ur-time with the hubby and household stuff. Most of the time it's the our-time with the hubby that gets bumped off.

Before 2010 ended, we sat down and talked about us. Now too much on family matters, more on our relationship as a couple. We've decided that we be involved in activities where both of us can participate. One of which is our regular Sunday jog, not just to keep us healthy but giving each other a time together...I just hope I can cope up with his pace :D

We've also talked about a once-in-a-while in "date" date, maybe a dinner or watching a movie.

I likewise resolve to be more sensitive with his needs, not just on physical aspect but also on his emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution on Health (GT#1)

It's 2011 and one of the best way to start the new year is to look back on how we lived our lives the past year/s, do some reflections and decide how to go about our lives this year.

This month's topic on Girl's Talk is on Resolutions and for this week is on
our Health. Very timely coming from a period of festivities and lots of eating.

Just last night, I paid respect to my college friend who passed away because of health issues. Goodness gracious, he passed away at the age of 38!!! He died of stroke - was in coma for more than two years. I can't believe this disease is hitting more people in a younger age range as compared to records from 8 - 10 years ago. This is really a wake-up call not just for me but for all of us.

For this year I resolve to be able to make myself more fit and healthy. I'm thankful that 2010 did not give us trouble in terms of our health, although the occasional colds were present, not me or any member of my family succumbed to serious health problems. Although I've been hospitalized but it was because I gave birth.

We'll continue with what we're currently practicing such as the food we eat, making sure there's veggies all the time - preparing a balanced meal. Strive to lessen (more than last year's) the intake of unhealthy food, less sodas as well. I will not say that we'll stop
taking alcoholic drinks because some are also beneficial to our health when taken moderately, just the occasional drink is still fine for us. We've been doing less sweets in the house the past few years and so far it's working well especially with the kids.

My personal goal - to loose at least 15 lbs off my current weight. That will keep m
e just within the allowable weight range for my height and age. If I can do more that will be so much of an achievement. Lessen or if possible, get rid of the love handles around my waist (due to pregnancy) and to trim down the circumference of my thighs. Thus, I'm looking at less rice, more veggies and and hour or so doing some exercises, to which I've already started and God willing will be able to maintain the practice. My husband and I have decided to make Sunday our jogging day, he too is targeting to loose a little of his weight and maintain a non-bulging tummy that's usual with guys his age.

My husband and I resolves to give more emphasis on pampering ourselves to lessen the stress and maintain balance in our health. The occasional travel out-of-town to be able to experience nature at its best - the calming effects of the beach or countryside and/or an hour or two at the massage parlor together de-stressing while spending "our" time
. We're also looking at joining at least 2 races this year. And for us to prepare for that, a regular run and exercise is needed. I've ran 3k last year with a shy 30 minutes (I was slow because Leon was running along with me so I have to run his pace). For this year, I would want to post my real time 3K run and hopefully post an improved time on the 2nd or 3rd run.

We're looking at 2011 as a challenging year for us because we are not only taking care of our family's health but also that of our mothers (his and mine).

my share to this week's:

how about you, join us on the badge for more of the healthy resolutions of other fabulous ladies.

Here's to a more healthy lifestyle this 2011!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unwind (GT 12-16-10)

I've been too busy lately that I'm not able to attend to my blogs...I've checked out BeautyQueenGene's blog to see what's this week's topic is, gladly, I'll be sharing my piece because I really need one today.

Here in Manila where's time is so fast especially now that it's Christmas season and people are awake almost 24/7, we definitely need to de-stress once in a while.

Where do we go to unwind? There are a few places where me, my hubby and the whole family goes to just relax and spend a good time with each other and the kids as well. We normally go to UP Diliman to jog around the Acad Oval, our "cheap" version of de-stressing. Just armed with our running apparel, off we go. Even little Leon join in once in a while. Aside from doing our regular run at UP Diliman, it's also a nice place to just sit around, watch over the kids or read a book under the canopy of acacia trees. This is one of the few places in Manila with air pollution.

Another option for relaxation with my husband, also our bonding moment, is going to a spa. Pampering ourselves with an hour or so full body massage. M likes the Thai technique of massage while I like the Swedish-Shiatsu type. But since we opt for different types of massages, we normally alternate each type to give each one a chance of our choice. It's either at Ton Ton's Massage or at the Family Spa.

Once in a while, we go out of town to get away from the busy Manila - it's usually Tagaytay or Subic. Although driving a long distance is quite stressful but for my husband M who loves driving, he's already de-stressing himself doing it.

how about you, how do you relax?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sbarro...The Best Place to Eat Out (Girl's Talk 12-2-10)

Here in Manila, it's quite difficult to find a good restaurant that serves authentic dishes. Most serves specialty dishes with a twist adding the Filipino style in whatever they serve. And if you get into a restaurant that really serves authentic food, most probably it's quite expensive.

My husband and I are pasta and pizza lovers. We've been to a few restaurants that serves authentic Italian dishes but can't frequent the place because they're too pricey.

Sbarro has been our favorite since we started going out together. At Sbarro's you get the authentic Italian taste of pasta and pizza with price reasonable on the pocket. There's a number of dishes to choose from, be it pasta or pizza. They even serve fresh veggie salad and fresh fruits as well as pastries. What's good with Sbarro, they don't skimp on their recipe despite the inflation in the economy, and I can say, through the years, their taste didn't change.

Aside from its authentic taste, the serving is proportion to the price. You can also request for a half serving of the pasta dishes, of course with price commensurate t
o the serving portion.

I'm more of a pasta lover but when we started frequenting Sbarro, I've began to
love pizza as well, the big slice they serve is just enough for me...although I can consume a slice of the Chicago deep dish, I settle for the white pizza or the cheese pizza to maintain the weight that I have right now, although every now and then, I allow myself to indulge in these deliciously baked pizza. Even our dear Leon loves it at Sbarro's but he's more into the fresh veggie salad and just asks from me or his Dad for some pasta or pizza that we've ordered for ourselves. I love the Chicken Romano in spaghetti sauce while my husband M loves the Eggplant Parmigiana. On pizza, we both like, as mentioned the Chicago Deep Dish, I also love the White Pizza. Whatever we eat, we match with their tangy Lemonade drink.

hmmm...this blog just gave me the drool for Sbarro...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shoe and Bag Person (GT 11-25-10)

For quite sometime I haven't really been to a department store to purchase stuff for me. Primary reason is that I just gave birth some few months ago and is definitely trying hard to shed excess pounds. Therefore, I'm still in control in terms of buying clothes and jeans for me.

One thing though I cannot resist are bags and shoes! My husban
d would often joke around telling me he'd put on me an eye patch, just like the ones we see on horses, so that my vision whenever we pass through that section is always straight to where we are going.

The shoes and bags I use nowadays aren't so much too girly...since I'm
with a non-government organization that doesn't really require for us to dress up for work, I'm more on the casual to sporty kind of an outfit, which I must admit is a little expensive as compared to the more common pumps and handbags used in the office. I'm more into the sneakers, rubbershoes and/or flip flops in terms of footwear. With bags, although I get to use some of my "mommy" bags (big bags that fits all), you can also find me in backpacks and slingbags.
I was an impulse buyer when I was still single but when family life came into me, priority went to children and household stuff. I'm more of a practical buyer now and definitely saving up for something I would want to buy for me - shoes and bags is where I indulge in.