Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerw Year's Resolution on Love Life (GT#2)

OMG! I thought I've posted this already! lol!

I'm here for Girl's Talk topic this week: New Year's Resolution on Love Life.

For 2011, I resolve to give my hubby more time and attention. I had quite a difficulty in juggling my time between our children, my work, o
ur-time with the hubby and household stuff. Most of the time it's the our-time with the hubby that gets bumped off.

Before 2010 ended, we sat down and talked about us. Now too much on family matters, more on our relationship as a couple. We've decided that we be involved in activities where both of us can participate. One of which is our regular Sunday jog, not just to keep us healthy but giving each other a time together...I just hope I can cope up with his pace :D

We've also talked about a once-in-a-while in "date" date, maybe a dinner or watching a movie.

I likewise resolve to be more sensitive with his needs, not just on physical aspect but also on his emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs.

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  1. naks. two birds in one stone pala ung sunday jogs nyo e. both your bodies and your relationship to eacc other will be healthy! i hope you continue that :)