Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution on Health (GT#1)

It's 2011 and one of the best way to start the new year is to look back on how we lived our lives the past year/s, do some reflections and decide how to go about our lives this year.

This month's topic on Girl's Talk is on Resolutions and for this week is on
our Health. Very timely coming from a period of festivities and lots of eating.

Just last night, I paid respect to my college friend who passed away because of health issues. Goodness gracious, he passed away at the age of 38!!! He died of stroke - was in coma for more than two years. I can't believe this disease is hitting more people in a younger age range as compared to records from 8 - 10 years ago. This is really a wake-up call not just for me but for all of us.

For this year I resolve to be able to make myself more fit and healthy. I'm thankful that 2010 did not give us trouble in terms of our health, although the occasional colds were present, not me or any member of my family succumbed to serious health problems. Although I've been hospitalized but it was because I gave birth.

We'll continue with what we're currently practicing such as the food we eat, making sure there's veggies all the time - preparing a balanced meal. Strive to lessen (more than last year's) the intake of unhealthy food, less sodas as well. I will not say that we'll stop
taking alcoholic drinks because some are also beneficial to our health when taken moderately, just the occasional drink is still fine for us. We've been doing less sweets in the house the past few years and so far it's working well especially with the kids.

My personal goal - to loose at least 15 lbs off my current weight. That will keep m
e just within the allowable weight range for my height and age. If I can do more that will be so much of an achievement. Lessen or if possible, get rid of the love handles around my waist (due to pregnancy) and to trim down the circumference of my thighs. Thus, I'm looking at less rice, more veggies and and hour or so doing some exercises, to which I've already started and God willing will be able to maintain the practice. My husband and I have decided to make Sunday our jogging day, he too is targeting to loose a little of his weight and maintain a non-bulging tummy that's usual with guys his age.

My husband and I resolves to give more emphasis on pampering ourselves to lessen the stress and maintain balance in our health. The occasional travel out-of-town to be able to experience nature at its best - the calming effects of the beach or countryside and/or an hour or two at the massage parlor together de-stressing while spending "our" time
. We're also looking at joining at least 2 races this year. And for us to prepare for that, a regular run and exercise is needed. I've ran 3k last year with a shy 30 minutes (I was slow because Leon was running along with me so I have to run his pace). For this year, I would want to post my real time 3K run and hopefully post an improved time on the 2nd or 3rd run.

We're looking at 2011 as a challenging year for us because we are not only taking care of our family's health but also that of our mothers (his and mine).

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Here's to a more healthy lifestyle this 2011!


  1. wow! running is cool... a toast to good health, girl!

  2. good luck on your run this year! i hope you meet your goals. and yay to more veggies! yum!